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There is no Privacy Policy

I don't know why you clicked on this link, but hi! You probably expected a big long document telling you what my website collects, what cookies it sets, which darknet site has first dibs on your browsing habits.

Yeah I guess this was a trick. I'd prefer to pretend it's a statement about the shambles the web is nowadays.

Honestly, I don't want your personal data. I don't want to track you, and while I'm at it there's no need for cookies either.

I had analytics on my website for a while, I was using Matomo (then Piwik) and I rarely looked at it. To be honest, I didn't understand most of it. I realised whilst building this site, it hadn't been working properly for over a year. I hadn't noticed. I clearly don't need it.

If you fancy telling me about your experience on my website then by all means feel free. Otherwise though, your browsing habits are your own business—not mine.