These are a few of my best and most recent projects. I like experimenting with different technologies and libraries, most recently in JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js and React.js.

My open-source projects can be found on GitHub, and you can find more information about my professional experience and work on the Work page.

  • My Top for Spotify — Web App to display your top Spotify tracks and artists

    My Top for Spotify is a Web App I created in React.js to show a users most played artists and tracks using the Spotify API. Although similar websites already, I wanted MTfS to stand out in design and appearance and also include improvements in user experience.

    It also served to broaden my experience in embracing the power of dynamic JavaScript apps, in developing a authentication server with node.js and deploying serverless on AWS. Source available on Github: Web Client, Server.

  • Accudio Responsive — Simple Vue.js app presenting websites on a range of devices

    For quickly producing an attractive presentation demonstrating the responsive nature of a prototype website, I created a simple web app, originally using PHP but since changed to use Vue.js and open-sourced. Source available on GitHub.

  • Monolith Koken — Bold theme for the photographer's CMS, Koken

    For a client looking for a bold website with lots of contrast to show off their photography, I built Monolith for the Content Management System Koken. Monolith is a open-source Bootstrap 4 based theme featuring loads of options for layout and style, template settings, and features for displaying custom content on each page. Source available on GitHub.

  • Accudio Tweaks — Misc functionality and security tweaks for Wordpress

    With my work as Accudio I regularly work on websites using the CMS Wordpress. It doesn't necessarily behave exactly as I would like however, so I have created a plugin that allows me to easily make common tweaks to the administration panel, to 3rd party plugin behaviour, and tightening up site security. Source available on GitHub.

  • Sphider BS4 — Minimal theme for PHP-based spider and search engine Sphider

    Sphider is a PHP-based spider and search engine you can host yourself easily. It unfortunately has a rather dated default interface due to it's age, but does have a theme system that allowed me to build a minimal theme based on Bootstrap 4 that integrates easily and elegantly with modern websites using an iFrame. Source available on GitHub.